Happy New year


Detail, “Untitled”, Pastel on paper, 50″ x 38″

This rotation around the sun is nearing its end but the spiral continues. We can not forget that it continues–this is our hope. 

The artist Louise Bourgeois once said, “The spiral – I love the spiral – represents control and freedom.” As we spiral into the new year what is it that we are hiding or denying? What parts of us are we shamefully ignoring or bitterly destroying? This year I thought a lot about pain and attempted to let go of that pain. I discovered you can not let go of pain, it will always be there. So one must go deeper into understanding it instead. This is a sensitive space that must not be treated with more harshness and anger but instead with gentleness. This is not an easy thing to do as it requires one to be present and in flow with their various personas and concepts of the self, even the scariest of them.

It is so fitting that Louise Bourgeois’s love of spirals was revealed to her through her personal exploration of pain and anger, “It is a twist. As a child, after washing tapestries in the river, I would turn and twist and wring them. . . Later I would dream of my father’s mistress. I would do it in my dreams by wringing her neck. The spiral – I love the spiral – represents control and freedom.”  There she was, face to face with her own pain–exploring it and sharing the sentiment openly, not covered up with shame, not judged and beaten down with anger. The reality is that in relationship with anyone including with the self there is a push and a pull, and I am curious to know what makes up the push and pull. What propels the spiral and keeps it going?

The repetition is actually a gift, as it gives us the chance to observe ourselves overtime. Each time an emotion–anger, sadness, fear arches, it is the moment to get to understand them further. To take them by the hand, sit down with them, peer into their eyes and begin asking questions, gently and softly. Getting to know these parts of oneself is a way of getting to understand humanity. Yes, this too is a part of my pattern and way of reacting, just as I have seen it in others. Yes, I have this feeling and how have I been seduced by it? How does this control me? and, can I understand my friend, my enemy, my family, my neighbor by understanding these parts of the self? This honesty is how I want to go forward into the new year and I believe it is in this exploration of these truths and devotion to this practice that one develops their ability to open, and accept things–as it is. Not to ignore, hide or deny but to open, reveal and receive–I have an inkling that this is how we build the capacity to change.

Here’s to understanding the push and pulls of life!

Monet    Rodin


Trip to France

This fall I left my job of two years with American Prison Data Systems where I was responsible for creating and telling their visual story. Between the end of that job and taking on new gigs I took a vacation and traveled to Paris, France where I explored what the city had to offer. I was struck by the L’Orangerie Museum that housed Monet’s mural, “Water Lilies.” I thought I understood impressionism before this trip, but walking into the room and seeing the brush strokes close up and the shear size and ease at which this artist worked in–I could not help but relinquish my concepts related to this style of art and begin a new. and yes, I cried.Such a perfect time to visit this body of work that took decades to develop. Here I was with a change in my career standing in front of paint marks being taught that I know nothing compared to what is possible.

That day I also discovered Paula Rego whose retrospective hung in the basement exhibition space at the L’Orangerie. I have been attempting to bring the human form into my abstract pastel drawings and to combine my video storytelling and drawing further and here was someone working in realism but came from an abstract background, who favored pastel over oil painting and who was known for her work based on storybooks. A visual storyteller whose technique and use of subject matter I felt I needed to explore more. A similar experience echoed during my visit to the Rodin Museum. I was lucky to see the temporary exhibit of his drawings of the human form. The sketches reminded me that I need to be less precious about each drawing or video. That I need to create in the moment and explore my ideas fully, all of this work we do each day is leading to something else. Trust in that.

New Commitment

Blue Nude
Returning to New York I have committed myself to incorporate weekly figure drawing to hone my skill and develop my current body of work (pun intended).

We Are One

Video Release

Check out the video I filmed and edited in in collaboration with artist, Olek. While my drawings are taking more familiar forms, this piece was an opportunity to get more abstract in video.

See what Olek had to say…


Last year I had set and achieved the goal of exhibiting my drawings 8 times. This year I am expanding this goal to 10. To kick off the show announcements, I already know I was selected to participate and speak in Fall ’19 at the Heckscher Museum of Art located in Huntington, NY. Mark your calendars for November 14th.

With a continued commitment to making work with an intersectional feminist framework, my new video project consists of working with women arrested and currently in pretrial who have been given the opportunity participate in an alternative sentencing program. Hired by a group of federal court judges and pretrial officers in an effort promote decriminalization and reform efforts at other courthouses statewide and nationally.

Then in February, I fly to Antigua to develop another project working with a playwright and producer who I know from an activist network that have requested I use both my drawing and video skills to develop the visuals for the story. Follow my Instagram and keep an eye out for more info in the coming year.

Thank you for your support!


Come Visit Me At Gowanus Open Studios

Gowanus Open Studios is coming up on October 20th and 21st and I will have my doors open for both days. Highlights for that weekend include a preview of my latest body of work, live music by local musicians and art for sale. I am excited to share that my studio made it onto a Top Ten list and the building that I am in has other great artists you will definitely need to check out.

Preview My Latest Body of Work
Artist Statement: My drawings are a documentation of control and surrender, of disequilibrium. They are filled with tension and anticipation. I have developed my visual language through a process of internal questioning and deep concentration—a meditation on what is inside of me and an exploration of where the limit of my imagination exists. This process develops the capacity to dream.

 Gowanus Open Studios
October 20 & 21 
126 13th St. Studio 2B

Live music both days 
Orly Bendavid (Saturday)
Kid Hawk and Le Petit Pépinot with Alida Torres and Alla Zar (Sunday). More info posted below! 

In my same building you will find other great artists such as Maria Baranova who will be taking highly stylistic medium format portraits of all the visitors that day, and installations by Jason Gandy.
Selected Studio 
Every year Gowanus Open Studios invites several internationally renowned artists to select 10 studios each to create a series of self guided tours. This is the second year in a row that my studio made it onto an artist picked list. Learn more or go directly to the virtual tour.

Two days of live music at my studio! 

Orly Bendavid is a Brooklyn based singer/songwriter, and poet. Sounds of folk with melodic vocals. Saturday, Oct. 20th, from 3:30-5pm. Listen to Orly Bendavid

Le Petit Pépinot 
Le Petit Pépinot combines toy instruments with traditional instruments to create an eerie and eclectic sound founded by Alida Torres. Sunday, Oct. 21st from 2pm-5pm. Listen to Le Petit Pepinot

with an appearance by, Kid Hawk
Kid Hawk is the indie rock moniker of Chicago born wild thing Emily EinhornListen to Kid Hawk

K&R collaboration now has a tumblr!

K&R collaboration now has a tumblr!

Karina Puente and Rebecca Scheckman have been developing a trusting and rich collaborative relationship for the past seven years. In the past two years we have turned this into a realistic prospect as we began applying to artist residencies and calling upon one another for advice in each persons area of speciality.  Going forward we would like to share our projects as they develop.  Please follow our tumblr:


Thank you!