Rebecca Scheckman is a New York based multi-media trained artist whose perspective represents an exploration of systemic solutions that address inequity. With a career already established in video journalism and social justice, Rebecca began to pursue sci-fi storytelling and drawing as an exploration of human potential outside of the current economic system. She looks at what drives humans to change. What are the conditions that lead to cultural revolutions? What will humans need to face now in order to be ready for that change? Each drawing serves as a meditation on what can be. The work is created from a need to imagine what a loving, empathetic and compassionate world looks like and how to build a future with that in mind.

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Wood stains on live edge wood. This is in collaboration with Kortney Barber who is a talented carpenter.

Scaling my work for a collaborative project with the Gowanus Mural Project. Located on 9th Street between Smith and 2nd Ave.


We Dream the Future October Art Show in Gowanus – This show featured illustrations, charcoal drawings and an artist limited edition book published by C&B .



An Imagined Universe for Anouk

Imagined Universe, 2015

Multi-Galaxy Universe

Multi-Galaxy Universe, 2014


Some work I created prior to the We Dream the Future Project:

Portrait Series, 2001



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