Artist Statement: My drawings are a documentation of control and surrender, of disequilibrium. They are filled with tension and anticipation. I have developed my visual language through a process of internal questioning and deep concentration—a meditation on what is inside of me and an exploration of where the limit of my imagination exists. This process develops the capacity to dream.

Wood stains on live edge wood. This is in collaboration with the talented carpenter and craftsman, Kortney Barber. Translating my drawing to another material, I chose to use the natural grain of the wood to inspire my mark making with water based stains. The result were abstracted landscapes. This project was commissioned by Deer Park Road Corporation to adorn their newly built Steamboat Springs office.

Scaling up

Mural as community engagement.  Each artist was asked to create positive imagery for the employees at a local Gowanus warehouse.

“FOBBS along with a few artist friends, have completely transformed Southeast Asia Market’s warehouse!”

“The warehouse sees a lot of activity, with its number of employees, trucks, and vendors going in and out during all hours of the day. Kevin wanted to do something for his hardworking staff. He looked at his warehouse and its huge, blank walls and decided they could use some color and life. “When I received possession of the warehouse it was dimly lit and all of the walls were white. It was not exciting and certainly not inspirational. My staff deserves something way better than this. I wanted to improve their overall work experience here at Southeast Asia Market”, said Kevin.”  – Sold Magazine

Collaborative mural project with the Gowanus Mural Project. Located on 9th Street between Smith and 2nd Ave. Working with spray paint on a brick wall I was tasked to scale up from a digital mock up drawing and in collaboration with other artists.

We Dream the Future is a series of drawings developed from 2015 to 2018.  With the perspective that our current social, economic and political systems do not work for a great number of people, We Dream the Future is an attempt to imagine past cultural mythologies that keep us justifying the way things are. What would a world look like with open borders? What would a world look like that is human focused? What would a world look like with regenerative resources?

What are the conditions that lead to cultural revolutions? What will humans need to address now in order to create that change? What kind of world is possible? Each drawing serves as a meditation on what is possible in the future. If our current world as we know it has come about because our ancestors have imagined it into existence then that also means that we are the ancestors to future generations—We have a responsibility to dream wildly. These drawings are created from a need to imagine what a loving, empathetic and compassionate world looks like and how to build a future with that in mind. #WeDreamtheFuture


An Imagined Universe for Anouk

Imagined Universe, 2015

Multi-Galaxy Universe

Multi-Galaxy Universe, 2014

Some work I created prior to the We Dream the Future Project:

Portrait Series, 2001

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