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Editor, Cinematographer and Director with seasoned experience working in online video publication and television broadcast. Efficiency with and an extensive knowledge of media management.  Practical dreamer actively committed to creating art and media that imagines a new system and fights against racism, patriarchy, homophobia, and economic injustice.


Creative Director
American Prison Data Systems

Currently working for a B-corp that creates touch screen tablets to be used in prisons for educational purposes. Conducting interviews, filming and editing video content that shows the work they do.

Technical Director & Editor of weekly show

Short Documentaries

Full Shows

Responsible for the creation over 350 videos from scratch to finish for the online TV show, the Laura Flanders Show. I have expertise in media production and crew management.

Event Coverage

Coordination of stage managers, panelists and crew. Tech setup to meet the needs of the event and schedule. Shooting and editing.

Freelance Work

Director, Cinematographer and Editor

Video package of four videos for Green Meadow Waldorf School

Kickstarter Video Campaign

Risky Talking: Live Panel Discussion Series
Served as Show Producer, Director of Cinematography and Editor

Campaign Video for MPower Change

Commercials for The New School

Red Dog Productions

Co-created in-house production company to teach students production skills. Developed and executed client projects while teaching student-staff industry standards.

Fred Dust:
Kay Unger:
Nancy Lublin:

Tim Porter:


Director & Editor

femtechnet and The School of Media Studies: Video Dialogue Series

Feminism, Technology, and Archive from FemTechNet on Vimeo.



Located on the border of Bedford-Stuyvesant and Bushwick, two rapidly changing Brooklyn neighborhoods, Grace Exhibition Space presents the collision of the art world and the real world with its action-based performance art.

Rachelle Krieger: A Closer Look

A closer look at the artist Rachelle Krieger’s creative process.




Art After The Bomb


Music by Meredith Monk

Paintings by Leonard Meiselman

 Portraits of the Artist


This is a video that documents the drawings and paintings of Leonard Meiselman along with his process as an artist.

See more Paintings by Leonard Meiselman

Paintings by Leonard Meiselman


This is my own self-portrait submitted to graduate school in 2010



At the core of my work, I am a mixed media artist. I graduated with a BFA from Tufts University and The School of the Museum of Fine Arts in 2007 where I studied various mediums alongside academic theory. Due to this experience I am comfortable working with most materials and have the ability to learn quickly through play.

Dwelling on Intimacy

An interactive mixed media installation.  Utilizing theory from performance art and sociology to construct an engaging interactive video using MAXmsp. This installation documented everyone who entered the space, stored the footage and remixed the footage using an algorithm. The end image was an exquisite corpse randomly collaged together.  This project was a meditation on technology and the effect on intimacy. 



As communication technology develops and the physical distance between us is able to grow–our cognitive intimacy capabilities are explored. A telephone for instance, an antiquity in the technological age, is just one instance of how we are connected mentally, but bodily disconnected. With the advancement of such a tool, to where we have the Internet, web-cams, Skype and mobile phones to name a few, we can connect whenever with out the body present. How has and will our society adapt to these recent developments in communication technology.  And what new devices will emerge. How are the relationships and connections in our immediate life affected by the changing technology?


River Ways

River ways move under the land, and connect seemingly unconnected landscapes. While visiting Colorado in 2006, I was shown a reservoir created by collecting water from the Colorado River a decade prior. This reservoir had a significant impact on the water level of the Colorado River, which winds its way to California. This reservoir was responsible for the California water shortages of the mid-90s. When the Colorado and California connection was made clear to me, it inspired the idea of how much the whole world is connected.  I have always been interested in the way that people are connected, and ways in which we can unite, unfortunately resources have been the main reason for war. The River way series takes interest in the current political situation of globalization and the responsibility of cultures to understand our connection.

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