K&R collaboration now has a tumblr!

K&R collaboration now has a tumblr!

Karina Puente and Rebecca Scheckman have been developing a trusting and rich collaborative relationship for the past seven years. In the past two years we have turned this into a realistic prospect as we began applying to artist residencies and calling upon one another for advice in each persons area of speciality.  Going forward we would like to share our projects as they develop.  Please follow our tumblr:


Thank you!

68 Years Since The Hiroshima Bombing: August 6, 1945

In 2010 I created Art After The Bomb, to document Leonard Meiselman’s Atomic Bomb series. In 2004 he went to Hiroshima and at the Peace Museum where he saw a child’s shirt, tattered and destroyed, that had been found after the Hiroshima bombing. He was also struck by the image on a child’s student Identification Card. Inspired by these objects, Leonard created a series of paintings to be used to benefit peace movements, he says:

“There are thousands of people all over the world working for peace and working for non proliferation and if some day I can exhibit my works, all of them together, to benefit non-proliferation treaty groups and peace groups I will die happy.”