Double Rainbows – Landscape VIDEO FOUND HERE

Just saw this today on my drive to my parent’s home in Colorado. I was already stopping to take photos because the lighting was so rich and brought out the amazing colors of the colorado landscape. Then I stumbled upon the double rainbow arches.

After a few minutes of standing by my car and taking in the sight a pickup truck came down the road. I pointed out the rainbows and the man rolled down his window to talk.

He said, “That’s God telling us that he will never flood us again.”

perplexed, I tilted my head to the right and asked him, “what do you mean?”

“In the bible, God promises us that as long as there are rainbows, he will not flood us.” He pauses and then continues, “although I think something else is coming since we have Obama in office. Look at what he has done. Gas was $1.38 before he came into office, look at it now.”

I asked, “You don’t think that perhaps this was a left over from the Bush administration?”

“No, we voted in socialism when we voted in Obama.”

“ahhh,” I began, “I actually think that what Obama is serving up as ‘socialism’ is the bare minimum which is why it isn’t working.”

The man, quickly interjected to say, “he is taxing us so badly. The farmers, the ranchers, the fisherman we are the producers and we are making the country the money but they are taxing us the worst. They should be taxing us less.”

“yeah, I agree with that! The taxes should be steeper for those with more income and perhaps there should be an incentive for the producers to do more.” Then I told him about a quote by Gar Alperovitz, who while in interview at said, “We do not have financial crisis [in this country], we have a problem with the distribution of wealth.” I continued by explaining my position about how there are a lot of people who would agree with this but then there is a lot of push back and fear when someone comes up with an idea, its called socialism and dismissed too quickly. “This is the stuff that Ralph Nader has been preaching about for fifty years, I said. Despite everyones animosity toward Nader, perhaps he should be president.”

“It would be better than what we have,” was his response.

“Well, I have to run home. What’s your name?”


“I am Rebecca”

“It was nice talking to you”

“You as well!”

And we both drove off.

This conversation was not copied word for word. It was written from my recall. I know there were a few other statements exchanged but I couldn’t remember by the time I sat down to write this.



Double Rainbows

One thought on “Double Rainbows

  1. Rainbows stand for Gods covenant and promises to his people a double rainbow was God saying a double portion of promises to you. This is so beautiful you should frame this who ever saw 2 rainbows and the chances are slim plus u had a camera well if that was not a God event !!!

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