World Premiere: Cinematographer for feature documentary, 21 and Done

Exciting News: Documentary Screening

I am excited to share this news with you!

This past year I had the chance to film for Director Kiara C Jones and Producer Jocelyn Scott of Cultivated Films, and contribute my craft to their feature documentary, 21 and Done.

Now the film is out and it will be premiering at Urban World Festival in NYC.

Watch the trailer!
*The above image is an example of my contribution to the film.


21 is a celebrated age for many young Americans, but if you’re aging out of the Foster Care system, the countdown can feel more like a ticking time bomb. What should be an age for celebrating adulthood becomes a time of anxiety, desperation and danger for these young adults. Meet current and former Foster children facing these challenges and the organizations outside the system that are working to support them.

Buy tickets for the screening Now!

– World Premiere of 21 and Done

– Coming to Urbanworld in NYC at AMC Empire, Theatre 12

– On September 21st at 5:00 pm

I hope to see you there!

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