This photo of a pup tent was taken by my Pop-pop while he was in WWII. What I love about this photo in particular is the lighting. His photo makes me wonder what he was thinking when he raised the camera.

Watching many contemporary documentaries it seems the biggest trend with archival footage is the ability to linger on an image, come back to it multiple times in new juxtapositions and to explore the multiple meanings the image communicates. This image makes me think of Pop-pops story but it also makes me want to know what was important to him. I have a few dozen of his images from WWII and all of them not only document the time, and the world during WWII, but they reveal my grandfather’s idea of the world, and shows what was important to him. I want to know why his tent was important? Was this his home often, or was it the beauty of the light that day that motivated this document to be made in the first place?

Pup Tent from WWII

My Pop-pop (Grandfather)

One thought on “My Pop-pop (Grandfather)

  1. I love your wanting to show and tell and wonder about the stories behind a picture or words– too often there is a lack of enough words about personal history. That, for me, is the way we learn to walk in another’s shoes or sleep, symbolically, in his tent.

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